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"an eye-watering 40 inches in length overall"

(it’s a fossilized poo)

Locals here eat a regional delicacy known as barbecue, made from the rib bones of pigs, and subsist on traditional crafts such as agriculture and aerospace engineering. The regional center of commerce is known locally as Saint Louis, named for a 13th century French king, a legacy of Missouri’s history as a remote and violent corner of the French Empire.

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This makes me want to go out and do things.

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Miles Davis improvising a film score.

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<3 cyriak

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I’m going to be taking a break from Tumblr for a little while, I think.

Indeed, the most striking thing about this book is that it looks and reads exactly like the kind of stuff churned out by academic presses the whole world over: Written in almost impenetrable jargon punctuated only by fragments of dead languages and illustrative diagrams that make absolutely no sense, Cyclonopedia radiates precisely the kind of self-satisfied inaccessibility that we are conditioned to associate with intellectual substance. Like Pavlov’s dogs, the university-educated see the run-on sentences and the verbs used as nouns and try to extract meaning from what is essentially little more than page after page of paranoid gibberish.

Future Interrupted – Five (Profound and Beautiful Lies) | Ruthless Culture

This is both the genius of Cyclonopedia and the reason that it is totally boring.